So back on BAM some of you may remember our 7-string thread, so I figured why not try to migrate it here with the new faces from other forums!

The point of this thread is basically to show that there is interest in a production Maryland made 7 string (even just a limited run to test the waters). They come with the stigma that they are for kids trying to play Korn songs, but nowadays that is far from the truth. People like Emil Werstler, Clint Lowery, Mike Mushok and Dave Weiner have been using seven strings as writing tools to create a full sound only available with that low B!

Over on Sevenstring.Org (a very large guitar community specializing in 6,7,8 and extended range instruments), you will see that hundreds of people are financing guitars through private luthiers (Vik, Damoness, Bernie Rico Jr., Strictly7, Blackmachine etc) to build them 7 strings for $3k-$6k when the fact of the matter is a majority of them would prefer a production PRS 7 over a custom built guitar!

Lets start it off with Emil Werstler's Whitewash 7!