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Thread: Lawn Care

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    It is leaf removal time again. We have oaks which have more acidic leaves. Trying to get them up with the mower/bagger actually just ended up mulching half of the into the grass killing it over time.

    We now have new grass and a new strategy for leaf removal:

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    Anyone believing that the cup-sized-receptical on a tractor is a cup holder, is sadly mistaken. It's a multi-thousand dollar beer de-fizzer. So much for two hands on the wheel.

    The 'services' around here are a bunch of lazy SOBs that won't cut my lawn because my fence gate isn't 6' wide. If they can't get the big deck out there, they won't do it. And all of the neighborhood kids have grown up and gone to school. With the drought conditions we've had over the past few years, it's going to take a concerted effort to get my yard back in shape. So it looks like I'm expanding my fence gate.

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