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Thread: Q: 305 25th Ann. "Standard" neck profile?

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    Q: 305 25th Ann. "Standard" neck profile?

    I've searched here and elsewhere to no avail, so hopefully one or more of you can clear up some confusion about recent, pre-Pattern neck carve nomenclature which the information on the official site doesn't directly address.

    There are several 305 25th Anniversary models from '09 in circulation with "Standard" neck carves. Is this Standard neck the same as the Pattern Regular, is the same as the old Regular profile which had more shoulder than the Pattern Regular (my experience with the old Regular was on a Custom 22 Soapbar), or was it unique to the 25th Ann'y guitars?

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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    I don't think they started pattern necks until 2011. I think it standard .

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    Quote Originally Posted by clcwarlock View Post
    I don't think they started pattern necks until 2011. I think it standard .
    I have a 25th Anniv where the card clearly states that it is a pattern standard. The production date listed is 10/06/09

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    Wasn't "standard" and "regular" used synonymously?

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    From PRS...
    Neck shapes have always been a high priority for PRS and a hallmark of our quality. A guitar should feel comfortable, like "home," as soon as you pick it up, and the neck is paramount to that connection. These new neck shapes reflect modern tooling and programming that allows us to even more preciously shape and consistently reproduce our necks.
    Perfected after years of prototyping, the new "Pattern" neck is an updated Wide Fat PRS neck style based on Paul’s pre-factory design. These necks were found on the instruments built for Carlos Santana, Peter Frampton and Howard Leese from the late 70’s to the mid 80’s.
    The new "Pattern Regular" neck shape is similar to the traditional PRS regular neck found on guitars made in the late 80’s at PRS’s former Virginia Avenue location.
    The "Pattern Thin" neck is an updated version of PRS’s traditional Wide Thin neck.

    The Regular (sometimes called Standard) neck is a round neck shape that is 1/32 narrower and not quite as thick front to back as our Wide Fat neck.
    The Wide Fat neck has the same nut width as the Wide Thin neck, but it has a deeper profile. Because of its strength and longer "heel", the Wide Fat neck produces warm tones with lots of sustain.
    The Wide Thin neck has a thinner profile front to back than the Wide Fat. It is a favorite of fast players and lead guitar players.

    With that said, I had a 305 with a WF and a Paul's Dirty 100 with a WF and they're completely different.
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    My 305 also says it has a WF but is is narrower than my other WF and or Pattern guitars
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