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Thread: 305 owner looking for help on humbuckers

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    305 owner looking for advice on humbuckers

    First post here, so let me start by saying hello!

    I am the proud owner of a 25th Anniversary 305. I love the guitar, which has been my companion on a few gigs and integral to some recordings too.
    My "problem" is that I have 3 more guitars, which I have acquired over the years but don't really have much time playing - a Les Paul, a CS Strat, and a Tele Baja. Whilst I am intent on keeping the Strat, I have decided to part with the Les Paul and the 305 (which I find to be too close to the Strat in voicing). The idea is to use the revenue I generate to buy a dream PRS - either a 408 or a Custom 22.

    My question is regarding pickups. Whilst the 408 has its own pickups (which I read to be fantastic), the Custom 22 seems to come in several options - 57/08 or HFS / Vintage Bass. Some older Custom 22's seem to sport even more choices of pickups - 59/09 or 53/10s.

    Which pickups would be best suited for classic rock / funk rock? I am thinking Aerosmith / Audioslave / Rival Sons / Queens Of The Stone Age. I play in a band, where I am the only guitarist so need a guitar which covers a lot of ground. I have the Strat for the Chili Peppers type numbers, but really need a versatile guitar for everything else. I play through an Orange AD30 and a Marshall Vintage Modern and favour an edgy / raunchy tone, which sits clearly and authoritatively in the mix.

    Thanks in advance
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