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Thread: MusicStoreLive 2013 XPRS 408 Semi Hollow stock!

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    MusicStoreLive 2013 XPRS 408 Semi Hollow stock!

    Look what just arrived!

    We got our shipment of 2013 Experience PRS models in and WOW are they gorgeous! If you haven't gotten your hands on one of these semi-hollow 408s, you're missing out. These are very quickly becoming a favorite guitar around the shop. We're all in awe of how well the 408 pickups work with the ebony fretboard and semi-hollow body. It has all the bloom of a semi-hollow but is incredibly warm. The best of both worlds. Seriously blown away by these!

    Hit us up at or give us a shout to 888.465.5037 and we'd love to chat with you about this or any Experience models. We are currently running a 12 months, 0% interest special financing program on all PRS models, so we can make it happen for you!

    TLR, here's some pics! (excuse the cell phone pics, Steve will have the pro photos up soon and Al is currently making a video demo)

    Black Gold

    Black Gold

    Antique Sunburst

    Black Gold

    Antique Sunburst (my personal fav

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    I was floored when I saw these. The Semi-Hollow Custom 22's from a few years back were so awesome you knew these would slay as well. I noodled on a few of them, all great. I think people will be looking for these when they are all gone. Antique Sunburst all the way!
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