If you thought the 408s were cool, check out these SC trems they reissued! Everyone know's we've been all wanting these to come back! Only 50 made of them.

We also bought a bunch of P24s at Experience, but we sold all but one while we were there. I have this one left and it's the last one I'm going to be able to get! You'd be really surprised how much the korina neck effects the weight. They're noticeably lighter than mahogany neck ones.

Give us a shout to info@musicstorelive.com or call us at 888.465.5037 and we'd be happy to talk shop!

Mateo Blue #1

Mateo Blue #2

Burnt Almond #1

Burnt Almond #2

P24 Whale Blue (check out the Korina Neck!)

We also were able to scoop up a few of the limited run Custom 24s with Swamp Ash body and Artist-grade Maple Neck. These do the strat thing incredibly well. The combo of the swamp ash body and maple neck will get you so close to a strat you might not know with your eyes closed. Had to do the Knopfler tone test to make sure

I've only got one of these left in Walnut. Super fast necks!