I would say that I'm buying a PRS but that should already be implied, considering the fact that I think other guitars are just stupid.

I want something new to fill that hole in my life that can only be quenched by some good old fashioned consumerism. I know it's coming from the base reptilian part of my brain and that I'm just allowing myself to be susceptible to the urge of mindless spending so it won't be anything too lavish.. but still, I can feel it coming.

I'm not sure why, but over the last few months there really haven't been too many beater PRS around. Perhaps it's just because guys have been gigging with them over the summer or have been too busy with outdoor activities, but there seems to be an influx of reasonably priced PRS as of late... and I want one.

There really isn't anybody else in my life that I can say this to without them passing judgement on me and asking "why?", or "don't you have enough already?" So I'm lookin' for some support over here. A new (to me) guitar is always a good idea right? I mean, I deserve one, I spent all last week not working and lookin' at PRS, drinking in Annapolis, trying to convince a few of you guys into guitars and I didn't buy one.

How is Vaughn gonna pull the trigger on that Clint Lowery if I don't get somethin' first? Rob looked on in envy as his niece bought her first electric guitar... In the color he wanted! Jesse has probably gone three days already without ordering a new PS! I gotta do it, Right?! If not for me then I should do it for the rest of you guys.. That's it, it would be good for the community.. Hell, it's not even about me anymore. I should do it for the starving children in Africa... or as an act of solidarity for the troops.. or for... Ahh.. umm.. Treat Yo'self!!