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Thread: For my 3000th post...

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    For my 3000th post...

    I'd like to cheers you which means we need drinks. But first I want to see something. No not that, put it away. Lately I've been smitten with a particular run of guitars. At the 2010 Experience PRS released a set of 25 PS DGT guitars that had Pernambuco necks and were each a different color. I want to see them all and won't drink until I have.

    It's easy...

    Find one of these guitars.
    Post pictures that confirm it's from the run...I want to see top and back of headstock.
    The first person to post for that number (1/25, 2/25, 3/25,...etc...) goes on my drink list.
    When I've seen all 25 unique guitars from this run I'm going to drink and need someone to cheers.
    I take the 25 posters from my drink list and randomly select 5 winners.
    These 5 winners will be drinking with me.
    That means I'm going to have my favorite beverage store mail you a proper drink with which to toast me.
    Don't drink? That's cool, I'll mail you a packet of Kool-Aid and you can cheers me with that.

    Get to searching cause I'm thirty FFS!!!
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