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Thread: Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood, how can I tell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ]-[ @ n $ 0 |v| a T ! View Post
    What year/model is the guitar? Can you post detailed macro images of the pores?
    Detail picture of fretboard with Bird. Is it Brazilian Rosewood? And, is it a Paua bird?

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    Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood

    It definitely appears to be Brazilian. The birds and Board would also jive with what they were doing with 2007 AP guitars. The quickest, but not fool proof, ways to tell are Color and Grain Tightness and Pore Size. Brazilian tends to have a Brownish/Red Hue and have very tight wavy grain (or swirl depending on how it is cut) with small pores. EIR tends to be Brown/Purple with a wider straight grain. Its possible to find EIR that looks brazilian, but normally you can tell pretty easy. You can sand/smell and if you work with it much you can tell the difference but you normally can tell just by looking.

    Here is a EIR board on a recent 408:

    Here is a Brazilian board on a 2007 AP Guitar:
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    Chances are it's Indian, but they did do a good amount of braz on Artist package guitars, but those have a braz headstock overlay as well. In my limited experience(my one guitar), braz has that distinct sweet smell to it that other types of rosewood don't have.

    EDIT: going off that last pic, it looks entirely possible - but paua usually has a little more colorfulness than yours, and the pores on your board look bigger.

    Here's mine:
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