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Thread: Recap of a great night: Paul at GC Boston 10/3

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    Recap of a great night: Paul at GC Boston 10/3

    Had a great time hanging out with Paul and other PRS enthusiasts at the Fenway GC lastnight. A crowd of 50 or so gathered to hear Paul's presentation, ask questions, and, of course, drool over some sweet axes! They brought in Paul's personal "Paul's Guitar" PS proto, a black Brent Mason sig, one of each S2, an Angelus acoustic, HXDA head and cab, SE20 head/cab, and SE30 combo. VERY cool stuff!

    I really like the Mira, however, this Starla in seafoam green was the bell of the ball as far as the S2's go...

    I'm not going to go into too much detail about Paul's presentation, because I don't want to ruin it for anyone that has a chance to see him at their local shop in the future. Paul talked about the science of good tone, and demonstrated with some of the guitars he brought. Again, I don't want to let the cat out of the bag, but he presented some pretty undeniable proof that PRS guitars are tonally superior to other brands. To the point that I think I may be ruined for any other brand of guitar! In fact, one of my non-PRS guitars is going up for sale today. It was that convincing.

    He also talked a bit about the S2's, HXDA, SE amps, PRS pickups, advice for some Berklee students in attendance, and fielded questions from anyone that had them. There was also some cool swag for the crowd - keychains, lanyards, strings, polishing cloths, bumper stickers, etc. (my only complaint is that the keychain lacks a bottle opener )

    To close, Paul brought up Rob Compa of Dopapod, who I had not heard of before, for a jam. Talk about a couple of KILLER musicians. Rob grabbed the Brent Mason sig and played through the HXDA, and laid down some sweet melodies while Paul backed him up. Then Paul took over the lead, playing his PS Paul's Guitar through the SE30 combo - what a tone. He played the lead channel, swirling his volume knob to go from beautiful cleans to singing overdrive, not to mention his own killer melodies, it was like watching a painter on canvas. I guess you don't make guitars for Santana, DG, Tremonti, etc. without learning a few things along the way! It was especially cool for me to hear him through the SE30, since I play the same amp at home. I think he has a soft spot for that amp. Paul's guitar and the Mason sig both sounded great - the Mason was surprisingly not super bright and twangy at all, a great blues/rock axe, and Paul's guitar was thick and full, but with some sparkle and plenty of cut. And, of course, the HXDA was, well... the HXDA. If you've heard one, you know.

    Afterwards, Paul made time to sign guitars and take photos with everyone, super nice guy. I got a chance to do something I've wanted to do for quite some time, and personally thank him for making the SE series guitars and amps. It makes such a huge difference for people like me, who are still in school or on a tight budget, to have reliable, quality instruments and amps. We chatted for a minute about the SE30, and then I headed down the street to meet my girlfriend for a late dinner. Great night, so glad I made it.

    I believe Paul is going to be at Brian's Guitars in Hamden, CT tonight, so if anyone lives in the area, be SURE to go check it out, you won't be sorry!!!
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    Great post.

    My son and I had a guitar shootout in my studio quite a few years ago, when I had various brands on hand. All I did was listen, which gave me a different perspective than playing. It didn't take long to really hear just how great my PRS guitars sounded compared to the other guitars out there.

    By the end of the day I had my non-PRS guitars on eBay.
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    ohboyohboyohboyohboy!!! THANKS ANDY!

    Will be seeing him tonight...
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    Thank you for the post. That starla does look sweet.
    Is he coming to Texas? I'd love to go to the clinic.

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    Very cool post, Andy. Glad to hear the comments on the Mira, Starla, and SE30.

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    I know I have written this all before...but he has stopped by our shop in Maryland a couple times and still genuinely cares about people's satisfaction with his products. He has taken time for anybody with questions or comments and has personally helped set up plenty of their guitars...just a great guy that still cares. Really actually fun to watch him in action...helluva guitar tech!

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