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Thread: EXP 2013 Grab Custom 22 Big Wide Flame

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    EXP 2013 Grab Custom 22 Big Wide Flame

    While at Experience 2013 I was walking through Final assembly when one of the PRS employees walked out with this. We are going to down grade this on to a NON 10 top. I asked why and he replied because it is not a 10 top. I don't know about you folks but it sure looks like a 10 top to me.

    Custom 22 Black Gold Wrap
    Jack Gretz
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    I know it varies from time to time, what used to be a 10 back in 89 could qualify as a PS top 20 years later, and so. But this one would qualify at least as a 10 top in any PRS era, IMHO.

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    That is absolutely gorgeous Jack!!!

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    Wow, just beautiful!
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    I like that better than a lot of 10 tops I've seen. I'm partial to wide flame and quilt figuring too, and that one's real nice. A "10" in my book!

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