First off, let me say that this story does have a happy ending. The parents on the board may relate to some of this stuff, but rest assured, the outcome is good.

Second, I don't like to come to a forum and pour my problems on the board. I try to be that goof in the corner who doesn't take things too seriously. But I've made quite a few friends here, and sometimes you just have to let people know that you're not a total jerk-off and that, occasionally (but only occasionally), you do have a heart.

Came home from lunch today figuring to watch the Pirates game while I worked in the afternoon. My son has classes in the morning and usually gets home about the time I get back from lunch. When I got here, he wasn't here - not really unusual, because he's stayed at school on occasion to have lunch with a high school classmate.

So, TV on, back to work, don't think too much about it. Hear the dog bark, figure the boy is home. The door opens, and I turn around to say hi. The boy has a paper in his hand and looks at me with just a bit of attitude that says "something happened". He started, "Well, I..."

At this point, I'll mention that he didn't pause in his sentence, but - and you parents can likely relate to this - it's amazing how many possibilities can fly through your consciousness in the tenth of a second between those two words. I though he got his test back and did poorly and wanted to *****. He got his test back and did well and wanted to crow. He got booted from school. He got booted from the parking garage. And about 10 other things. But none of them were it.

He said, "Well, I got hit." Driving home, less than a mile from home, a guy pulled out from a side street and my son didn't have time to avoid him. He hit my son on the front passenger side and drove him across two lanes to a guard rail. My son's car (Mazda Protege) is likely totaled. The other car, a Jeep SUV that is 10 years newer, is likely totaled.

The important thing is that both of them walked away. Nobody hurt other than maybe a bruise or brush burn. The SUV looks much worse than the Protege. You won't hear me ***** about the quality and solidness of Mazdas.

He's going to have to dip into savings. We're going to be inconvenienced until the insurance payment is made (the other driver's insurance is taking full responsibility for the accident).

But he walked away and walked in the door.

There's millions of cars. I've got one son.

And he can still train me for foosball.