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Thread: Counting My Blessings

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    Alan, really glad he's ok!

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    Minor update - but it brings an end to the story.

    The boy's been driving our G6 for the past few weeks since my wife had knee surgery and hasn't had to go to work. He shopped around a bit and found a few things he had interest in. The insurance process went well and he actually got more than we figured for his car. But he got a hankering for a G6, so he started focusing on those.

    Fast-forward to last week - he found a G6 and went to drive it. He liked it well enough to ask me to look at it. Problem was I had a couple appointments, so my only chance was to go at lunch on Wednesday, otherwise it waited until the weekend. He'd also seen a Jetta that he liked at a different dealer, but it had more miles than he really wanted. I drove it, didn't see anything wrong with it, so he asked if we could go one more time and try to make a deal. So we did it after my dentist appointment. All three of us looked it over pretty well, decided it was in good enough shape, but it was a few hundred bucks out of his range (even after we were loaning him a few bucks). But, we wheel and deal a bit and maybe we get it close enough, right?

    Nope. They wouldn't move. Not a dime. Wouldn't even discuss negotiating. So we walked.

    Told him all the way home I expected a call on Friday. It was not my week for being right!

    He found another one Thursday night at a different dealer - it had dropped into his range, so he asked if we could look at it Saturday and then go look at the Jetta if he didn't like it. Turned out to be in good shape, although there were a couple minor problems. Without hesitation, the dealer said they'd get those things fixed if we wanted. The price drop was about $2k - and made it cheaper than the other G6 he liked. So we get it tom'w, most likely.

    I'm so hoping the first dealer calls back. Although there's a slightly evil part of me that wants to negotiate with them if they do and see how low they might go before telling them we're not interested.

    Thanks, everyone, for your wishes.

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