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    Question PRS case

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forums. I have been playing Music Man guitars for 10 years now and recently decided to try a PRS.

    I have a wonderful Custom 22 from 2008 in Matteo blue that plays great and his a nice addition to my collection. My major concern is when i play it live or for rehearsal the standard case is just to heavy. So can I find a nice light weight SKB case that can do the protection job without breaking my back when I carry the guitar?

    Many thanks in advance for your help

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    I have been personally using PRS gigbags for 10+ years without a ding, scratch or dent.
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    Prs gig bags are super padded and hold up great. Worth looking in to,
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    I'd also use gig bags for travel.
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    If a gig-bag (not that I have any problems with them) isn't for you I can absolutely recommend the Hiscox Lite-Flites, light weight but very sturdy. They make one for PRS types.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jet Whitey View Post
    I have been personally using PRS gigbags for 10+ years without a ding, scratch or dent.
    +1 for PRS gigbags. I would routinely swap my USA PRSs into my SE gigbags to conserve space and energy loading/unloading for gigs. Never a problem! There were many periods where my PRS hardshells never left the house!! :-P

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    I use a double gig bag, since I always take two guitars. I keep the bag up front, or on top of the load. For a single bag, the PRS SE bags are awesome--if it's good enough for PRSh to carry his #1, it's good enough for me!

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    Hard wooden cases are an anachronism.

    That's why I love them.
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    thanks for your answers I will check that!

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    Does anybody know if the PRS gig bags are machine washable? Or how to thoroughly clean one?

    My cat pissed on it and It smells and i have to get rid of it if I can't wash it.

    I've tried febreeze but it didn't cut it. I wish I was kidding but this is a serious post. Thanks

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    Bad kitty!!!!

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