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Thread: Common thread in several convo's at the EXP

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    Common thread in several convo's at the EXP

    So as some of you know, I am part of the team that provides transportation for the artists during the Exp. I took this time to ask a few of them what are their favorite PRSi to play. I got answers like this: "my signature model", "a prototype that I got from Paul", "Bernie Marsden SE", etc. However, the one common thread was that they LOVED the mahogany SE One. They love it in the studio, laying live, in the living room...One of them even told me a story where he and a studio musician friend of his A/B'd this guys SE One against the studio musician's '57 Gibson Jr and the two of them could not tell the two guitars apart.

    So while I was talking to them about this I also asked one of the PRS artists reps what he thought of the SE One and what the artists he represents think of it. He told me that the artists he reps love that guitar, but the problem is that it generally takes him 18 months to get a guitar int he hands of his artists, then in the studio, and then out on tour. He remarked that the only issue with this is that if a guitar model doesn't sell well within that time frame, PRS will stop production of it an then he has a difficult time getting the guitar for his artists.

    So I am saying all of this to say that the SE One is one of the best of the SE line and if you haven't tried one, do yourself a favor and try one! And PRS - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this one back!!!!
    - Dane

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    It IS a killer gtr!! Highly under-rated!
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    Wow. I didn't really give this guitar that much thought, but now it makes perfect sense why people would dig it so much.
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    One of the worst things I ever did was wreck a SE One because I was bored and wanted something to do. I tried to install a neck pickup and a starla-ish pickguard but lacked all the tools and skills (especially skills). While it wasn't the right fit for our band, it did live for several months at my office where I very much enjoyed playing it on my lunch breaks, enjoyed much more than the guitar I have there now.
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