At one time there was a PRS Forum, it was a long time ago and I do not know the name of it. There was a feud or schism within it that resulted in its death.

The former members started at least two other boards; BAM and PRSForums. There were hurt feelings on both sides. Both forums were active for many years, BAM folded and PRSF is still thriving.

Two posts made this morning have lead me to believe that some of the bad blood still exists:
mgman wrote
:I'm also happy to be here, this is great!
I also spend time at the Non-BAM PRS Forum. The folks here appear to be oblivious to its existence. It has a large international membership.

TheMike Responded:
"If it's the forum I think your talking about, we're not oblivious - just pretend it doesn't exist :twisted: :lol:"

It is time to move on, open our minds and get positive. Members of both forums are registering here. Some of them know PRSH and many have invested enormous amounts of time, money and love for their PRS guitars. You have talked to them at Experience. They live in Maryland, DC, Toronto, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Poland, Scandinavia and other places around the world

A mind is a terrible thing to close. Serious attempts by either group to dominate this forum will be met with pity. There is only one "We" here.