Hello PRS Experts,

I recently, one week ago actually, bought a used Private Stock Sig from the 2011 run and I really love it. It has a trem and although I used to have only stoptail guitars, I really love how it plays and sounds. The trem seems to add a little something to the sound, donīt really know.

Problem ist however, that on some gigs, I change between standard and drop tuning quite often and a stoptail guitar seems to take that a bit better, meaning I have to spend less time with tuning the other strings.

So I thought about buying a used Signature Limited with a stoptail and use that for the gigs with the tuning changes.

Can you please tell me if there have been any changes made to the pickup system on the production guitar in general when compared to the Private Stock run? I really love the sound and would not really want something dramatically different.

Thanks for your help and input.
Kind reagrds,