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Thread: Custom 22: My Affair, Farewell, And Rejoice | Part I

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    I'm always gonna love that double cutaway shape...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roberto Sosa View Post
    I'm always gonna love that double cutaway shape...

    Love that show. And the DC shape.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustRob View Post
    I read that as the resale value of the strings. Apparently Alan knows of some used whole string market.
    This. Sorry!

    Actually - Martin Simpson told a story at Experience about a country in Africa where strings are hard to come by, and someone told him about a player or he met this player who had two sets of strings, his concert strings and his practice strings. He said this guy would play a concert, come home, take his strings off and clean them, and put the practice set back on. Someone suggested donating his used strings for people in this country. So he started saving them - and it turned out he couldn't get anyone to take them. So he ended up giving them to someone (who was present) who uses them for art and/or jewelry.

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