Well I finally got to pick up my HXDA, after 4 days of torture having it at my freight guys place, I got there this afternoon and grabbed it.

I haven't spent a whole bunch of time with it, it's baby sleep time so I've unplugged and thought I'd give my initial impressions and share some pics.

Firstly, massive thanks to Brett Mulzer from Moore Music EV. He hooked me up with this amp and gave me a great deal. I haven't heard of these guys before, I was basically searching for "HXDA" and came across their site. Great guy, great service, and some really nice pieces in their inventory.

The decision on this amp was a long one (thanks to Les, Bob and CR for some behind the scenes advice), I wanted a Recording Amp, but couldn't afford the amp and a cab (I have a cab for my Mark V, but I really wanted 2 separate rigs), and I saw there was a limited run of 30W 2x12 HXDA combos for less $ than a 50W HXDA head (they're still out there too). I had a bit of a road bump with my finances so I had to wait until some gear was moved until I could pull the trigger, but eventually I did and it's finally here! I'd say there's not many of these in Australia (if any!) and I'm having to use a step down transformer to go from 240V to 110V.

What I'm going to say about the amp has pretty much been covered before, but I might as well reinforce it! It's a surprisingly flexible amp for something that is on the surface, so simple. As mentioned, I've got a Mark V, which would have to be one of the most complicated amps out there (3-channel, different modes, different wattages, pentode/triode, assignable 5-band EQ, footswitchable boost etc etc etc!), but even being used to this, I found the HXDA initially difficult to get a "good" tone out of. That all changed when I watched a couple of the PRS vids, where PRSh goes through a couple of settings, and I heard pretty darn exactly what they were getting on those vids.

I'm not going to use (m)any adjectives because they've all been used before! I will say it's a fantastic compliment to the Mark V, there's not a whole lot of cross over between the amps (except for maybe GREAT clean tones), so I'm completely stoked with the purchase.

Here's some pics, I'll record some audio in the next week or so and post it up

The box!

The unboxing