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Thread: New Cab Day

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    New Cab Day

    Received my DG Custom cabinet yesterday. The amp should be on its way in a couple of weeks. Odd, that this was the first experience I didn't go to, and also the first time I bought something during experience.

    Anyway, you've seen the pics, it's as gorgeous in person as you'd expect. I have a sweet 16 combo so I used the DG cab instead of the 112 in the combo and, oh my. Sounds big, and smooth, and complex with a great tonal range. It really accentuates the frequencies...very balanced, but nothing gets lost...the lows boom, the highs do what they should.

    I did an a/b with the combo speaker and the DG cab for my wife. She really liked the sound from the combo and then *really* liked the DG cab...her comment was that the combo sounded great, but the cab was something else entirely. She really noticed how smooth the sound was from the cab.

    I'm a sucker for two speakers, my Dr Z Maz 18 is a 210 combo and really has a big, complex sound. The speaker in the sweet 16 may never get used again...

    Can't wait for the amp to get here.

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    Congrats! I bought the DG Head and cab at this years Experience and am really Loving it! I know you will be pleased.

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    This thread is useless without pics...
    Congrats dude!!!

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    Congrats. Excellent score. The DG amps sounded incredible.
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