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Thread: PRS Experience 2013 Semi-Hollow 408's @ The Seattle Guitar Store

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    PRS Experience 2013 Semi-Hollow 408's @ The Seattle Guitar Store

    Wow...We received a quartet of these eye-popping tone machines! (Although there are only 3 left)

    Simply magnificent!
    Hard to choose...

    Come on Down !
    (Literally or 'virtually')

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    That black gold is stunning.

    "I watched approximately 45 seconds of 'Rock Of Ages'. It was like getting punched in the soul." - Abby Krizner

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    It would really tie your living room together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alantig View Post
    That black gold is stunning.
    -I'm no expert, but it seems to work and I haven't electrocuted myself yet. Which is pretty much the standard I live by.

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    I prefer the other color to Black Gold. Nice score. I doubt they last. This was a cool run.
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    Hey there I should bump this as we have one of each available in the store. It might be the perfect gift to yourself.

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