I've never done a NGD thread, but what the hell. It's only fair after vicariously enjoying everyone else's NGDs that I give back.

I've been looking at DGTs for a year or so, never really serious about buying, since they generally cost more than I have. But I decided that if I ever see a maple DGT with moons that is black or seafoam and the price is right, I'd buy it if funds allowed. A few weeks ago, HighGain510, who knew of my DGT lust spotted this one on Guitar Center's site. It was used, but in like new condition as far as I could tell. It was more than I wanted to spend, but my better half encouraged me to get it since it is the only used maple Seafoam DGT I've seen for sale since I've been browsing. My new band just started gigging, so I've got a little money coming in for gear. Why not live a little?

Long story short, I bought it and I love it. I finally see why this model has such a devoted following. After 2 gigs and a handful of rehearsals, I am totally in love with it. Such a beefy sound, yet able to do so much more. And even though I've used .09s for the last couple of years, the .11s on this one feel great. What a great instrument that is a joy to play.

OK, enough blathering. Here are your photos...