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Thread: STILL loving the Tremonti SE Custom

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    STILL loving the Tremonti SE Custom

    I keep spewing it at the other nauseum I'm sure..but I've had it since May and it's still my #1 stage axe. It's still putting my USA PRSs on stands and in cases instead of strapped around my shoulder.
    I own several USA PRSs. I'm not just loving the Tremonti SE Custom because it's my only or first PRS or anything. I don't HAVE to love it or even PLAY it.
    It's the first singlecutaway guitar I've ever kept. It feels better for me than thee new PRSs with their Pattern family of neck carves. It is every bit as stable tuningwise as my USA babies. Even the stock pups were great and actually...I was going to leave them in the guitar. I've never said that about ANY stock bridge pup...not even on my USA PRSs.
    I did wind-up swapping them out though but it wasn't because I was hating the SE245 pups. I wasn't. It just worked-out that I had some awesome pups to put in it.
    It has a Duncan CC in the bridge and a 59/09 bass in the neck. I get complimented on it's tone after EVERY show. That didn't used to happen with the USA models...honestly.

    I put Shaller locking tuners on it but they did not improve tuning stability. It was already very very stable. The lockers DO facilitate and speed-up stringchanges but other than that, unnecessary. rick of sounding like an even bigger idiot....the Tremonti SE Custom is the best guitar I've ever owned...or PLAYED!! I kid you not.
    The WT carve is absolutely my favorite neck on the planet.
    It's heavy. REAL heavy...but there's a reason old Pauls sound great. It isn't just those also has to do with the weight of the guitar and probably even a little due to their (yuck) beefy necks.
    When I unplug the Tremonti and insert the jack into my Studio or CE...those guitars just SOUND lighter than the Tremonti...not only FEEL lighter. You can HEAR the heft of the Tremonti coming out of the speakers.
    Next time you're in a guitar store to buy a USA PRS (or an S2), put about $1500 back in your pocket and test drive the Tremonti SE Custom.
    If you like WT WILL leave with a Tremonti SE Custom.

    I HEART my Tremonti SE Custom. Best guitar I've ever played, And yes..I DO get out. A LOT! ;-)

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    I would REALLY like to try one out... especially to compare it to my SE Custom 24. I could see myself switching. I've been blown away by my Akesson, never thought I was a singlecut guy either but it's another hefty axe, and man, does that tone hit hard.
    -I'm no expert, but it seems to work and I haven't electrocuted myself yet. Which is pretty much the standard I live by.

    SE Custom 24 25th Anniversary - SE Akesson+57/08's - SE 30 Head/Cab

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    I feel you Shane... I was a hater when the SE line came out, didn't even want to try 'em, and now I shout from the rooftop to who over passes by about how Bangin' they are. I bought four of 'em in the last 14 months, and my SE Orianthi is my most frequently picked up guitar.

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    So you're saying I better not try an "you know what2"? ;-)
    I'd like to try an Orianthi. They have ebony right? And WT?
    I liked the SE CU24 too when I was shopping. In fact I was getting it until my wife said...oh here's a few more over here on the end That's where the WT SC (aka Tremonti SE Custom) was hiding. I was kind of hoping for a SC but every one I tried was WF and I just wouldn't play it as much as the other guitars I have. I have a McSoapy with a WF and I never used to play it until I set it up for slide. Now at least I gig the McSoapy once in a while.
    I think the only ones they had were WF necked SEs ...except for the Allendar(?sp?..the one with the Floyd and had a slim neck I think).
    It would be nice if they had had an Orianthi and a few others to try. I think the SE Navarro is a little blinged out and has a wt neck on it too right? I'd like to try one of those too. I better not though cause then NONE of my USA ones would get gigged probably :-(
    Hey...I'm not saying that the doublecut SEs would retire my USA DCs but it IS fun gigging "cheap" guitars. It makes the kids go...hmmm, if he's using one on stage, when he doesn't HAVE to..they're certainly good enough for me too. It also makes them say...WOW...that SE sounded AWESOME and that makes me seem better than I am ;-) but...shhhhhh.

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