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Thread: Changing String Gauge on SAS

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    Changing String Gauge on SAS

    Hi all. First time post.

    My main gigging guitar is a DGT Standard. Incredible guitar. Love the 11s on it! I would like to string up 11s on my SAS Narrowfield. This might be a dumb question but would it work without doing a setup? The setup now is the same as when it left the factory.


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    I'm guessing there are three things that would be necessary...once you've put 11s on the sas...tighten the truss rod a very small amount, tighten the trem claw screws in back cavity, then check intonation at each saddle...this is assuming 9s or 10s are on the sas now. Of course if you put 11s on and like the set up, ignore this

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