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Thread: Need help with artist package pricing

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    Need help with artist package pricing

    Im recently sold my old CE22 and Im on the hunt for a new PRS, Im hoping ton find the right guitar for me soon ...

    Having said that , Im trying to wrap my head around the whole pricing for the artist package...Im not sure I understand how this works.

    When I pull up the PDF at the top of the price list they have what appear be a flat rate for around 6700$ for the guitars Im after.In this right ?
    Im confuse as of why I've come across numerous brand new guitars on ebay with the artist package for nearly half that price ? ? ?

    Also , would it be possible to have a different neck finish ( I prefer satin over glossy ) and I dont see that listed anywhere.

    Hope one of you guys can enlighten me

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    Too close to the casinos in CT.........
    Those are 'list' prices and gets discounted.......
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    I sent you a PM that may help.

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