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Thread: McCarty Wood Library from Bizarre Guitar

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    Cool McCarty Wood Library from Bizarre Guitar

    I was looking for a les paul so I went to Bizarre Guitar in Reno, Nevada. The employees took me down to there vault talk about heaven on earth! Hundreds of the nicest, and rarest guitars I have ever seen in one place. I came across the most beautiful guitar with a one piece quilt top with a super dark Indian rose wood neck and a Brazilian rosewood fretboard. I have never seen such a nice guitar and the wood is just amazing. The owner Greg Golden, took time out of his day to come down and give me a tour and totally sold me on this guitar. I fell in love with the look of my guitar the first time I saw it hanging there. Then when i plugged it in the tone was freakin awesome I had to have it. The PRS's at Bizarre Guitar are amazing, Greg told me that he went to the PRS factory and custom picked guitars, and had picked the wood and necks for some of his guitars. I just want to let anyone know who is interested in any PRS to check out Bizarre Guitar they have so many awesome guitars at there shop, and the are also on ebay bizarreguitarreno. Great guys to work with on pricing. I will always shop there they made me feel great and gave me free swag to go along with my guitar. Best shop I have been to. I cant say enough good things about them. They made me very happy.

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    Pics or it didn't happen!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillybri View Post
    Pics or it didn't happen!!!
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    Yup - Pics are REQURED.

    That shop has a bunch of cool PRS on fleaBay. Not that I've been looking...

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