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Thread: PRS SE strap screw size

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    PRS SE strap screw size

    How in the world a screw from the stap hole comes out and someone doesn't know is beyond me. But it happened. Perhaps it was the many shipyard pumpkinhead I had while recording a few days ago that made me ignorant to the strap falling off until it was too late. I quickly grabbed a toothpick to perform the standard toothpick-in-screwhole trick, but couldn't find the actual screw, and I'm having a heck of a time finding a screw size that isn't too long, too short, far too fat, or way too skinny. Now granted, I'm just using what I have at my house, but before I walk into a hardware store and just start buying a bunch of different sizes, I figured I'd see if anyone has run into this and has a size that works. The guitar is a PRS SE singlecut. Thanks guys!

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    Never had this problem myself and I hope it didn't do any damage, the screw is a No6 x 1" countersunk or 3.5mm x 25mm depending on your preference.

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