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Thread: For Big, Warm, Solo Tones...

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    I roll with humbuckers, real bright humbuckers most of the time. I like the sound of fat warm humbuckers when it comes to playing soulful blues, but I need (or more like, prefer) string definition when it comes to playing hard rock stuff. I like humbuckers that are really bright, even for neck pickups. That's how I stopped liking Gibsons and became a PRS guy. For neck, I like to be able to stray into quasi-single-coil territory, but can still do humbucker stuff with the tone rolled back. For bridge, I like something bite-y, a bit like those AC/DC or 80's glam metal sound. I like the middle position as well, especially with my D Activators. They're almost strat-quacky sounding, really cool for Clapton or Mayer blues, especially when you're playing with your fingers. Oh and it can also get very funky.

    Single-coils work for me too, I love a good ole' strat neck pickup, and that's the only single-coil i've ever played, all these strats that I put my hands on, has the selector pointing upwards only. Occasionally I like P90s, but I don't like the hum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Audie View Post
    What! No love for the 53-10s' ! I am intrigued by the 408s and will have to see what this is all about. The 53-10s in humbucker or single coil mode are the sweet spot for me. My favorite position with my ME is both 53-10 pups in single coil mode. Heavenly!
    Total love here. 53/10's cracked the girth/chime conundrum. Not only my favorite PRS 'buckers, pretty much my favorite humbuckers, period.

    I love the full humbucker middle (combined) position for clear, fat solos.

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    I need to try out 53/10's.
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