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Thread: Pattern Thin VS Wide/Thin. Is there a difference?

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    I have WT, WF, and PT. I am a WT guy and love my Tremonti SE Custom (partly) because of that. I LOVE my '94 CE24 partly because of it's WT carve. I use my McSoapy for slide only partly because of it's WF carve that I don't really like to "play" the WF carve. I have a PT carve on my Studio and it sure doesn't feel very WT-ish to me. Not at ALL! Of course it's thinner than a WF but it's not a WT by ANY stretch.
    I think (maybe it does?) the CU24FR should come in WT carve. Or even WrTr (WiderThinner). My CE's WT is VERY T. Thinner than my SE's WT at least it FEELS that way.
    Also worth noting that it doesn't take many /64ths of an inch to feel a LOT different. And a different shoulder (as in C,V,U...) can really change the perceived feel of a neck.

    I'm kinda surprised they went with the Pattern family. The lovers of the beefy '50s Gibby necks seem to have thought the WF wasn't F enough. I always thought my CE's WT was the perfect amount of T.
    The pattern carves kinda seem like "meh" or neither here nor there.
    Disclaimer: I have not felt a Pattern or Pattern Regular.

    I LOVE WT carves. I do NOT LOVE PT carves. I like them though.
    YMMV of course.

    EDIT: Btw, writing a new program to cut the necks isn't much work or time consuming at all. It would take under an hour (under a half hour? Under 15 minutes?) to write a program to make one out of steel or aluminum on a CNC machining center. I'd imagine it wouldn't take any longer with wood. Maybe even faster since you could probably take fewer (deeper) cuts?
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