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Thread: NSiggyD - I finally see the light!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milchschnitte View Post

    Ever since I struck the first chord with my Siggy, there´s no going back to anything else really.

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    Thanks everyone! It's nice to finally have something that can stand up to my Artist V - the two guitars actually compliment each other nicely. For a while there, every guitar I picked up was a "yea...but " to the A-V.

    The Siggy's defintely have some mojo going and it's fun to keep coaxing new sounds out of it every time I plug it in...if I'm still in the honeymoon phase, it's a certainly long one! It seems destined to take it's place on my desert island PRSi - along with my A-V, and my Artist HBII.

    Now, wouldn't a stop-tail be nice - perhaps a Paul's Guitar? Just kidding, my GAS is cured for now - at least for guitars - but amps - well, that's another story! Man, I'd love an MDT!
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    I used to have a serious aversion to charcoal stained guitars. I'm not kidding, I hated 'em. But over the past few months, I'm absolutely enraptured by them. Your Siggy is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Enjoy her!
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    Congratulations bud, Siggys do have a knack for keeping GAS in check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeeter View Post
    Now, wouldn't a stop-tail be nice - perhaps a Paul's Guitar?
    A PG is an EXCELLENT complement to a Siggy Trem...congrats, she is quite easy on the eyes...
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