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Thread: RIP Lou Reed

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    RIP Lou Reed

    An icon, dead at 71.

    Need I say more?
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    What?! NO!!

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    He will forever walk on the wild side of the Dirty Boulevard.

    May he Rest in Peace.


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    Totally Sucks....RIP....we do Sweet Jane in my band....Rock and Roll Animal....what a game changer.

    huge bummer.

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    Wow... That sucks.

    I've had 'Rock 'n Roll Animal' playing in my car for the last several weeks.

    Turned my 15 year old step-son on to him. He dug the peaks and valleys of 'Rock 'n Roll'.

    I know my 'life was saved by Rock 'n Roll'


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    Sad news indeed. Although he only had one hit record, Lou's influence on those who came after him is immeasurable.

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    Wow- what a shame to hear. I did this fill-in gig on Thursday night and the dude leading things called out Sweet Jane and I played it with them (had never played it before in my life) and enjoyed doing so. Weird... Sad to hear.
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