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Thread: We need to get a PRS in this guys hands!

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    We need to get a PRS in this guys hands!

    I was browsing YouTube looking at 90's bands that I love and ran across this video. His name is Jag Tanna from the Canadian band, I Mother Earth and is one of my favorite guitar players ever, just sick! He's always played a strat or EVH mm's but, he is so heavily influenced by Santana I'm surprised no PRS anyway, here's a link if any one cares to see. He really gets cooking around the 10 min mark, so underrated in my opinion! Sorry if I'm in the wrong posting a non PRS artist. Just want to be more active on the fourm, I come here every day and love it! Buy the way I should have my PS in hand in a week or two......

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    I liked these guys a lot back in the day. I'd think a Custom or studio would be awesome in his hands. They have a heavy Santana/Jane'e Addiction influence.

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    I wonder what the process is to get him a PRS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfb View Post
    I wonder what the process is to get him a PRS.
    Buy one and send it to him...

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    I'm a long-time fan of his and I joined just to post in this thread (I also own a gorgeous 2002 CU24). I remember reading an interview where he said that he hung out with Alex Lifeson in the 90's and he tried to get him on board with the company. Jag mentioned in the interview that the guitar Lifeson lent him was literally the most flawless instrument he'd ever played but that he was used to a little more fight and imperfection in his guitars. I'm not sure I understand but it's hard to find pictures of Jag Tanna using anything besides Strats and Danelectro baritones.

    Here's the pic:

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