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Thread: PRS Custom 24

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    PRS Custom 24

    Hello this is my first post and it's been a long time since
    I've owned a PRS. My first one was way back in 1988
    and it was a Custom 24 with a Rotary, Sweet Switch,
    and Volume. By the end of this year or early next year
    I will be buying a new guitar. I'm looking at a lot of
    different guitars and one is a Custom 24 with a wide-thin
    neck a Rotary and a Sweet Switch. So it looks like it will
    have to be a used one. I'm trying to get one just like
    the one I had back in 1988. Should I not find one then
    I would have to find one with the Tone control and have
    it taken out. The same for the pickups I'm looking for the
    ones used back then Standard Treble and standard Bass.
    Do you know if I can buy a Sweet Switch and those pickups
    from PRS? I check eBay and have seen some nice ones and
    who does those kind of mods. To be honest I don't like the
    Blade that they are using on the new guitars. A PRS to me
    is one with Volume, Rotary and a Sweet Switch.

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    Fisrt of all welcome!
    There are some recent reissues with the specs you like. The Guitar Center "Throwback" series and "The Guitar Shop" (Canada) '85 Tribute series come to mind.
    If I were you I would also try to play a newer PRS guitar. A lot of different options now and you might like what is now available.
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    The Guitar Center Throwbacks came with uncovered 59/09s and an extra set of T&Bs I was lucky enough to find one used with all of the goodies including the extra pups.

    I am not in love with the 59/09s in it as it stands - it does have a great "almost feed-backing on any note" characteristic which makes me reluctant to swap out the pups for the T&Bs.

    I do enjoy the "power out of phase / cocked wah" on position 9, my other older PRSi are all too new to have that.

    In summary, the Throwback is very cool, but to me sounds and feels much more "modern" to me than my 93 Standard does. If you value the old PRS vibe I recommend searching for a real older example. I bought mine after being frustrated by not being able to find an older one that ticked all of my boxes...and I can still honestly say that I still want an older one.
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