I've seen PRSH's videos on this topic and done alot more reading so maybe this question has been asked and answered . Is there a tone benefit to hard mounting pickups directly to the body wood rather to plastic mounting rings ? PRSH is all about transferring vibration or tone throughout the guitar and that makes sense of course. IS it better to isolate the pickups , may isolate isnt the correct term but the plastic pickup mounting rings must deaden or isolate the vibrations somewhat or is it better to let the pickups absorb all of the vibration\tone they can by having them hard mounted to the body? There are some PRS that have their PU's hard mounted I think like the studio and soapbar models. IN my own experience , I've owned Strat or super strat style guitars some with pickups mounted to plastic Pickguards and some hard mounted and always preferred the hard mounted like my Carvin.

So what do you think ?