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Thread: Blue Magic, some polish, and a newbie mistake!

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    Blue Magic, some polish, and a newbie mistake!

    Haven't seen too many before and after pics using Blue Magic so I figured I'd show my success that I had with it.

    Here are some before and after pics polishing up the pickup and bridge. Took some work, but this stuff worked great!

    First round of Meguiar's M9 helped get the guitar back to black from scratchy grey color. Not sure if there is much else to do to it to help reduce some of the swirls, but the guitar looks a lot better considering it may not have seen a microfiber cloth in many years.

    Thanks to LSchefman for the help

    On a side note, I accidentally installed the pickup ring the wrong way and boy did that make the guitar sound terrible!! Had to pull strings and the pickup again to get the ring flipped around, and it sounds great again. It is wild how bad the guitar sounded with this slight change, any one know why angling the pickup would cause the sound to be super harsh and bright with no bass?
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