Hi all,

I finally joined the PRS club back in 2010, when i bought a Whale Blue 2009 PRS Custom 22 from Guitar Center. I had wanted a PRS for over 10 years and finally bought one to celebrate my passing an important certification test in my field.

Since then I've bought a SingleCut SE PRS as a nice workmans guitar as well. I am impressed with this guitar as well, which I only bought when another guitar I owned got damaged.

Of course this thread is useless without pictures, which I'll post later of both.

My next big purchase is amplifier related, I'll either be getting a boutique amplifier or a modeling device like Axe FXII.

When I do get another electric, it almost surely will be a PRS, but which one is uncertain. I love the McCartys, but on a totally different note am very interested in checking out the P22 as well.