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Thread: 09 SE custom semi-hollow magnets, ceramic/alnico?

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    09 SE custom semi-hollow magnets, ceramic/alnico?

    What's up people? Quint from Philly here, I came across a SE custom semi- hollow recently and am having fun breaking it in. The bridge design is genius and every thing else works fine with no real complaints. I love the pickups but have no knowledge of there specs. Could anyone bless me with such knowledge? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks and if anybody is looking to pick one of these up I highly recommend it over a mim fender or any other overseas model of a US brand. Thanks again....

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    I think they are Alnico but PRS never dishes out the goods on which alnico they are. Besides, those are Korean made G&B pickups. I stuck an unoriented Alnico 5 pickup in the bridge of my Santana SE and it was pretty good sounding, better than stock. It got rid of some of the nasal oversaturation in the mids, made the pickup more vintage and less modern sounding. Big difference for $3 or so.
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