I am EXTREMELY proud to show-off my very first Private Stock... and WHAT a PS it IS!! This is one of the 25 PERNAMBUCO DGTs, baby. It's #2 in the run. Jaw-dropping Tiger's Eye finish that looks even more beautiful in-person.

I never saw myself owning a PS, but after playing some of Markie's "Holy Grail pernys", I told myself that if I ever had the opportunity to pick up one of my own that I would seriously consider it. Welp, the opportunity presented itself, and I jumped on it. I could't resist a perny DGT, and one in one of my all-time favorite colors at that.

If you haven't experienced a guitar with a pernambuco neck, you need to check one out. FAIR WARNING THOUGH... it will COMPLETELY RUIN all of your other guitars for you. There is no looking back. These necks have a ring, sustain, and note definition that FAR EXCEEDS anything I have ever heard before. They sound like a grand piano, especially clean. The just ring forever, and the harmonic bloom that just blossoms as the notes decay is something that I can't put into words. I've seen many folks ask if perny is really worth it, and I must unequivocally say ABSO-FUGGIN-LUTELY. It's beyond compare. As you all know, Markie has some SICK guitars, and the ones that he has with the perny necks truly stand alone. I feel lucky to get to spend time with my own.

Without further adieu, some pernambuco porn: