Hello new family, I am trying to decide what PRS I should buy next. I have a Signature Limited (2012 Eriza Verde trem) and a PRS CE22 all mahogany (1999 all red).

I just sold my Gibson 335 because it didn't inspire me much (maybe it was too big?), but I'm considering a hollowbody single cut as a potential next guitar.

I also like the 513, probably because it gives me that single coil that I am not getting from the Siggy or the CE22. On that same note, I am also considering a Swamp Ash Special, but am unsure about the narrowfield pickups.

I thought about the McCarty, since I don't have a Les Paul, but i'm not sure if there is enough tone difference to buy it.

And, I am also interested in the 2012 Custom 24 but I am afraid it will be too much like my other two guitars.

I'd like to stay as close to $2,000 as possible but if you recommend a great guitar that complements the others, I will check it out.