A "used" 2008 Mira Maple Top (tri-color burst) just arrived at my house today, shipped from a reputable authorized PRS reseller (national chain). I was shocked to find that the case looked completely new, and the guitar, aside from a few minor scratches, looks completely unplayed. Ever. All case candy, hang tag, warranty card - even the envelope with the case keys still had the original tape and was unopened.

I am assuming that this was a new instrument that just hung around the store somewhere for 4 years, and they listed it as used to get rid of it. They could not confirm or deny.

Two issues:

1) APPEARANCE: The finish of the guitar, when you look at a reflection of a light on the surface, is wavy - i.e. the flame maple top grain actually looks like it has ripples in it. You can also barely feel a the seam where the two top bookends meet, and when viewed from the side, you can also see the seam where the top joins the body. I don't know if this is considered "checking" because there is no cracking, but it's wavy.

2) SOUND: I don't know what a Mira Maple Top is "supposed' to sound like, but after reading how "bright" and "alive" this guitar is supposed to be, I am underwhelmed. On single coil especially, it sounds less bright than my all-mahogany 1993 Standard 24, and positively dead compared to my 2003 SE EG (SSS stoptail). Those others are strung with .09s, and the Mira with .10s, not sure how much that has to do with it. Strings do indeed look new. When tapped, it's also very buzzy - something which I am used to from my SE EG, but I just don't have with the Std24.

Did I get ripped off with a B-stock, damaged instrument? I've got three weeks left to return it if I need to...

Thanks for reading.