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Thread: Today was my first trip to PRS and the vault.

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    Today was my first trip to PRS and the vault.

    First off, Eric at Willcutts is as good as it gets. Zero presure, head full of knowledge, and he must have the luck of the Irish as well. Every set of Quilted tops he pulled from the shelf sight unseen was a knockout, and everyone I pulled was not. I looked at what must have been around 100 tops, and the top 4 were all the first 4 Eric Pulled. How is that possible? If I decide to go to Atlantic city, Eric is going with me. Tina and Paul Miles are right there with him. They seemed as enthused about finding the wood I wanted as I was! Tina has a great artistic sense, and Paul knows what is going work with what, and what you should probably avoid. When they spoke, I shut up and listened. Thats amazing because I usually think I know everything better than everyone. All jokes aside, I could not be happier or more impressed. People who know what they are doing, and just as importantly enjoy what they are doing, helping you meet a goal in an area that they are the experts in. I was not really looking forward to going all that much, but I will do it again when I can afford another. And to top it off, I got to meet Paul Reed Smith himself. If it happens again, I would love to ask him some questions. It was right when we first started, and I was still a little uncomfortable. I thought I was going to be rushed, and felt like I was "in the way" for the first 15 minutes, but then I started to see that they really are there to help you, and you can take your time until you get exactly what you want. An amazing experience! My only regret is I would really liked to have met Shawn, but I did not want to ask and possibly get him in trouble, and not sure if anyone other than Employees are allowed into the work area. I should have tried to set it up ahead of time, but never even thought of it. If anyone is thinking of a PS, this is just one more reason to do it. The guitars end up looking and sounding as great as can be, and you get to meet some fun and highly knowledgeable PRS people. How cool is that!

    Yes, onto the pics. This is what I ended up with.

    Top: (Thanks again Eric!)

    Brazzy neck: (Thanks Paul!)

    Braz Headstock overlay and fingerboard, and lightweight ribbon Mahogany back.

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