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Thread: Graphtech Tusq Picks

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    Graphtech Tusq Picks

    Graphtech now makes picks out of the same material as their tusq nuts. I received some last week. They are excessively slippery. They have raised lettering on both sides but it does not improve the grip very much.

    The material actually comes off on my fingers. I'm going to contact their customer service department. Self-lubricating material is great for nuts an bridges, not for picks. They should have known this. I recommend these picks be avoided until they find another material.

    I have Tusq nuts on three guitars and I strongly recommend them.
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    Re: Graphtech Tusq Picks

    I bought these too direct from them.

    They arrived and were very roughly finished around the edges - not good. I had to hand sand them to use them.

    I didn't find them excessively slippery, but they are indeed not very durable. I bought the heaviest one 1.00mm and they were noticeably worn with only a few hour playing... far too easily worn.

    They are bright sounding - I like them for that - but man, they are not durable whatsoever. I've had Fender Mediums last longer.

    I like to try new picks all the time, these held a lot of promise - I love the material for nuts. As a pick? Not so much.
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