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Thread: I. Need some help

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    I. Need some help

    I'm talking to a guy about trading my gibson les Paul classic for a PRS CE-22 with a alder body. I would love to have another PRS but I still. Think I should have a LP in my stable. The reason I am thinking of trading is I can't get my hand to the higher notes. I don't solo much so it's not like its that big of a deal.

    My les Paul is a 2002 model and weighs in at about 10 pounds, all original.
    The PRS had the pick ups changed out for some dimarzio but he has the dragon II

    I'm very confused on what to do. I would love another PRS but I'm not sure if I want to let my LP go.

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    As you describe the problem, I would keep the Les Paul.
    If you like the feel and sound of a Les Paul (I do), you have to have one.

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    Hmm. I'm unclear on what problem you are trying to solve. what is your motivation for swapping guitars?
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    I rocked an alder CE24 and a LP Classic as my only guitars for ten years... I kept the CE.

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