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Thread: Douchey Guitarist List..

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    This guy:
    Love for all human beings is like listening to any kind of music. You just don't care.
    The 3-Mike-7 devotee.

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    No Vinnie Vincent on the douchey player list? Really?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Albrecht Smuten View Post
    This guy:
    Looks awesome.

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    That article was f***ing hilarious!

    Watching those YouTube clips...I kept waiting for Nigel Tufnel to bust in and play a bit of "Tonight I'm Gonna Rock Ya Tonight"

    Wes Borland actually played guitar? I thought he just posed for Guitar Player covers.

    Estaban is the hero from "V For Vendetta"...I challenge anyone to prove me wrong there.

    Michael Angelo: this one is too easy.

    Steve Vai...c'mon, he looks like a thin version of Liz Taylor in that vid!

    I would add:

    Neil Schon - WAS an inspiration to me when I first picked up a guitar. I met him once in Detroit and he was a total prick. I was 17 at the time. Complete turn-off.

    Carlos Cavazo, Phil Collen, Mick Mars, Vito Bratta & Nuno Bettencourt...
    Completely interchangeable...bottom line, a monkey with a Strat could have records any of their parts during the 80's

    And finally....King Douche....the envelope please...

    Richie Sambora!

    First many cattle ranches are there in Jersey that requires this idiot to perpetually wear a crappy cowboy hat complete with conchos!
    Next...I don't care much for Bon Jovi, but when your job is playing "Livin on a prayer" for fat drunk MILFS to singalong with...just do it and quit your complaining.'re background scenery to BJ's dimples and faux-country crap songs. You're lucky to even collect a check now and then!

    I suppose you can stay solo and rake in the huge royalties from your 56 sales of your latest "blues" album on iTunes.

    Better yet...sit down and personally call everyone who bought your last album and thank them. Should take you all of 16 minutes

    Yeah.......douchey guitarists!! Gotta love em!

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    Vito Bratta and Nuno Bettencourt are not dime a dozen players by any stretch of the imagination!
    2013 Wood Library DGT Armando's Amethyst - "Marie"
    2012 SE Angelus Standard - "Calvin"

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    As far as author: my guess would be none other than Rolling Stone's Jann douche himself. Always bitchin' about sumptin. As far as the list, wow, proves the author is NOT a musician. Eddie VH is the most natural player I've ever seen live (and some of the older songs have incredible rhythm guitar tracks, which impresses me more than some of his solos)...MAB may be a bit full of himself, but its obvious he spent years working on his chops. Steve Vai has so many different emotions coming from his guitar...and I am not too ashamed to admit I have been listening to John Mayer's TRY (live trio) CD latetly and he is really a good player.

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    I do think Stevie Via is an awesome guitar player but... when I saw him in Boston on the G3 tour, at one point he threw his guitar down on the stage, and had a hisssy fit because it was out of tune?.. thought he acted kind arrogant.... at least he didn't addJjimi for playing with his teeth?!

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