I was thrilled when PRS announced the new Artist Package. I envisioned a McCarty 58 in faded blue burst quilt ten top, uncovered 59/09's, Mixed hardware, figured maple fretboard and neck, and all was good..........until I saw in my head the black headstock overlay on top of all that figured maple goodness.... which is not an option to leave it as a plain maple face.

Kind of ruins the aesthetics for me......don't want to sound like a chick hung on the looks of something, but for a good chunk of change for what would be my own version of a Private Stock guitar this kills it for me. Wondered if anyone else had this thought, am I the only mental case with this hang up, and can one be had without the overlay? I don't even care about losing the inlaid signature, would settle for the gold stickered signature if it could be had in maple.

Thanks for listening, this is cheaper than therapy........ :?