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Thread: Amazing Bonnie Raitt show last night. With a PRS sighting.

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    Amazing Bonnie Raitt show last night. With a PRS sighting.

    At band practice last week one of the guys informed me that he had Bonnie Raitt tickets for Friday, which immediately got me frantically searching for tickets. There were a lot up on kijiji but people were asking too much or they'd already been sold. So I kind of resigned myself to not going. Anyway I came home from work on Wednesday and my wife said "Honey, I need to confess something to you. Take off your coat and sit down because we need to talk. I've been taking part in some inappropriate online activity." So I sit down and she spins her computer around and tells me just to read the email myself, and then we can talk about it. So I look hesitantly at the inbox, because I'm just through the door... but there's only an email from stubhub. Sure enough, she was setting me up, and scored us tix in the 3rd row!

    The show was amazing. I'm consistently impressed by her slide style and her tone was great. I don't think I would like using fingerpicks on 6 string, nor on my ring finger, but maybe I should try. Obviously what what truly impressive was her voice.

    Her guitarist covered his amps with a towel (so as to deaden the sound a bit for the people up front I think?) and I could quite make them out but the tone was great. I kept trying to see what effects he was using because it sounded really good. I went over after the show and saw a BOSS multi-effect. Made me feel kind of dumb for my board hahaha.

    She played a PRS acoustic for one number. I'm going to have to play one next time I'm at TGS. It was very full and articulate, compared to the Guild jumbos she was favouring all night. I'll get a photo up soon enough.

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    Nice day.
    I love Bonnie.

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    Very cool. Excited to hear she played a PRS acoustic. She has some of the most amazing acoustics on the planet. It really means something when artists of her caliber pull out a guitar like that.

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    Yeah, Bonnie's killer! Great voice, still great-looking (not that has anything to do with talent, but it doesn't hurt), and one of the best slide players on the planet. My wife and I saw her at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA back in the early-'90's with Charles Brown and NRBQ. Great show.

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    Good stuff. I remember rocking out to some BR as a kid.
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