It's great to have a place to discuss PRS acoustics! I've had my Angelus since November and it's simply the best acoustic I've ever encountered. I'm just getting to the break in point and a couple of things are still slightly unresolved. The latest PRS web site specs list the Angelus and Tonare as now coming with an adjustable truss rod. The signature series still lists the non-adjustable carbon fiber "strength rod".

I've struggled slightly finding the right string gauge but finally settled on mediums. I was slightly concerned with using mediums since of course we're in slightly uncharted waters with this carbon strength rod so I called PRS to get an opinion. They were firmly in the "we don't see why not" camp when asked about using medium strings. That made me a wee bit un-easy as of course I "don't see why not either" but then again I didn't design the guitar. I pressed a bit more (just one more phone call) and finally got what felt like a frustrated form letter from someone at PRS to my dealer that said we here by guarantee that medium strings are ok and if not we will fix the guitar under warranty.

I'm not bitchin' mind you. I love this guitar and it's simply the best I've ever encountered. I'll have it till I move on from this world Still I'd like to be a tad more informed about the do's and don't's of an expensive investment that's charting new territories ie: a carbon-fibre strength rod.

I guess at this point I'd ask a) what strings you guys are using? and b) what do you make of PRS suddenly posting the Angelus and Tonare are now coming with adjustable truss rods??