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Thread: Jumbo Frets PRS Santana Signature (review)

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    Jumbo Frets PRS Santana Signature (review)

    Hi Any one,

    Jumbo frets are mandatory for me, my playing is so improved On Jumbos, even medium jumbos my fingers stick to the board

    I can't find much on the Fret size of the Santana signature. I hear they are Jumbo-ish.

    Has anyone compiled a list of the details of PRS fret wire and which USA models use what.
    That would be very useful.

    I sent my Tremonti Sig back to PRS shop to have Jumbos installed they would not call them jumbos (just the biggest we have) and said the USA' s use different fret wire and slightly different sizes than overseas made models (SE's). It is now the best guitar I have ever played it continues to amaze me in its near perfect tone.

    I may buy a Santana but I dont want to send it in to get jumbos reinstalled,

    Any Santanas Signature owners not the SE many reviews on that one.


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    Yup, Santana's come with the bigger fret wire.

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    I believe the Santana fretwire is similar to Dunlop 6100.

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