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Thread: DGT "Wood Library" in action! CR Demos

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    DGT "Wood Library" in action! CR Demos

    Picked this one up and shot a little video of it. These are some amazing guitars!

    Chris Reynolds...Nashvegas TN
    CR Guitar Demos
    More guitars than I can afford!
    #1 fan of Doug "DA MAN" Sewell!!

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    I have had the pleasure of spending time with two monster DGT's. Really great platform. I will spec my dream DGT one day. Thanks for the demo Chris. Always fun to watch after having seen the magic happen in person.

    Nashville next weekend I think.
    Plank Owner

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    Nice video! Plenty of great tones from that monster!

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    Killer as always Chris!

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    Great video, Chris! And once again, you've picked out an incredible sounding guitar!
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