So on my way from NJ to my apt in Del yesterday, I stopped by Philly to see a friend for a little while. I parked my car on a normal street in a decent area. Very well lit, lots of other cars parked, Apartments and condos in the area.

I come back a few hours later and my car is gone. Inside the trunk was my beloved 1990 Custom 24, my Mesa Mark IV amp, laptop, clothes, etc.

I am trying to sort everything out now, but I am seriously screwed right now. My car is an older one, I suppose it was easier to break into, but all my stuff was in the trunk, nothing would draw anyone to it. Locked all the doors, etc.

Argh I contemplated bringing the guitar inside when I parked, but didnt. Why o why??!!?!

Anyways, I will attached some photos, and the Serial Number is: 0 9768. It has dings all over, does not have the truss rod cover or trem backplate on. Has black graphite PRS saddles, a pretty good chip on the headstock tip.

Also the 5 way knob is replaced with a knurled gold knob.

If anyone sees this pop up, please contact me!!